[attention] "Beijing element" blooms in Mudanjiang - urban construction north under the glory of "Xiaoguan"

In the most border areas of the motherland close to Russia and North Korea, there are always some people and things that will be submerged by heavy snow and loneliness over time. They have never told anyone their stories or boasted their achievements. When those high-rise buildings rise to create a better life for the local people, someone may ask them who has forged the quality of national craftsmanship in Danjiang; Who wrote the song of prosperity in Jiangnan New Area?

Northern Deyuan - at this time, someone may remember.

Then to Mudanjiang

Starting from Beijing, after a more than two-hour flight, we came to Beijing urban construction north Deyuan (Mudanjiang) Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mudanjiang real estate company) and Deyuan Tianchen project department again. I still remember that the last time I came was in November 2016, when the project had entered winter construction early, and the whole city was covered with snow. But looking at the white background, the whole project department is also "painted" with green protective net, blue-green urban construction green, red slogan and fire box, yellow tower crane, and connected with the orange Jiangnan Washington community across the street, adding a trace of colorful color to the originally quiet and pure Mudanjiang River. A year later, it is still a familiar sight to come to Mudanjiang again, but the difference is that last year, Deyuan Tianchen phase I project was still in the stage of foundation pit excavation, and now it has been dressed up and waiting for the arrival of their new owners.

As soon as we walked out of Mudanjiang Langlang airport, we welcomed the management team of the project department. They warmly held our hands and said, "welcome, welcome, it's hard all the way. Let's go back and talk!"

Holding the sonorous and powerful hand, seeing the red face "engraved" by the cold wind, listening to the exciting achievements, admiration and moving spontaneously.

Not long ago, Heilongjiang provincial safety supervision station, together with provincial enterprise management station, provincial safety station and provincial fire brigade, formed an inspection team to visit Deyuan Tianchen project department for inspection and guidance. In the process, the members of the expert group have always used "very good and in place" to describe the deep impression made by Deyuan Tianchen. In their eyes, Deyuan Tianchen is a project with high standards. It not only has the leading management concept and quality progress control measures in Mudanjiang City and even the province, but also has the model of "national craftsman" for safe and civilized construction on site.

Mudanjiang Deyuan Tianchen

Many government leaders and superior departments who have been to Deyuan Tianchen project department have the same feeling as the inspection team, and this feeling is becoming stronger and stronger, which is closely related to the normal management of the project. When we heard from the sales team that up to now, Mudanjiang real estate company has achieved sales of more than 700 million yuan, Deyuan Tianchen phase I and phase II have been sold out, and even several families compete for a set of houses. The original free row number purchase qualification needs to be increased by 3000 yuan off-site to buy from others, we realized that all our efforts are worth it.

Queue up for room number

Time flies, time flies. Under the guidance of the "development and construction integration" of Beijing urban construction north company, the majority of employees struggling in Mudanjiang continue to speed up the pace, keep at the forefront, and constantly give new connotation to modern high-end buildings. The brand influence and popularity are rising, and the "national craftsman model" is rising.

Perhaps, when we come again, there is a different sea and sky.

Record achievement

According to Mudanjiang real estate company, as of mid September, the sales area of Mudanjiang real estate company was 129449.04 m2, and the sales amount exceeded 750 million yuan, an increase of 219% over the same period in 2016. The average selling price of foreign houses is 6000 yuan / ㎡, which is higher than 800-1200 / ㎡ of surrounding projects. The company leads the trend of Mudanjiang real estate market and firmly establishes the "first" position of Danjiang real estate enterprises. Data show that Mudanjiang real estate company has not only achieved a major breakthrough in sales, sales area and growth rate in the same period, but also has a much higher average sales price than surrounding projects. Remarkable results and bright spots.

The sales office was crowded

Deyuan Mudanjiang real estate company can create a good, trustworthy and responsible corporate image in the hearts of local people, thanks to the company's strategic planning, product positioning and high-quality service.

On the way forward, North company has been actively exploring and seeking the road of transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. In 2008, the company made great efforts to develop the Jiangnan Washington project with a total construction area of about 440000 square meters in Jiangnan New Area of Mudanjiang, truly upgrading from a construction enterprise in the downstream of the industrial chain to an upstream development enterprise. The building is proud of the core territory of the Jiangnan plate and is in charge of the southward relocation strategic pattern of the municipal government of "one river in the middle and two sides prospering together", which is composed of Weian high-rise building community. Beside the first middle school, a key university, there is a large park of 20000 square meters in the park, and the greening rate of the whole project is as high as 35%. In particular, the project is proud of the most core plate of Jiangnan Development Zone, with complete resources such as transportation, education, municipal administration and commerce, creating the chief humanistic Garden community of Mudanjiang. Good geographical location, excellent engineering quality, beautiful living environment and considerate property service make the project a highlight of the local area. Once launched, it has aroused high response and boiling the whole snow township. The completion of the project has truly formed a new urban pattern of "one river in the middle, two sides of the Strait, landscape garden city", and achieved the grand goal of enterprise development and common prosperity of the local economy.

The success of Jiangnan Washington has not only accumulated rich experience for the company's real estate development sector, but also won a good reputation and great social influence for the company. Subsequently, the company launched Deyuan Tianchen project in time on the basis of Jiangnan Washington.

How to continue the legend? Through policy research, strategic deployment and market research, the company combines the development strategy with the national policy strategy and regional development direction, promotes the linkage with the overall urban planning, and gives full play to the leading role of modern urban builders. While improving the comprehensive strength of enterprises and the level of on-site management, we should actively grasp the lifeline of urban development and meet the needs of the people. In particular, at the beginning of 2017, Mudanjiang municipal Party committee and municipal government proposed the urban development direction of "vigorously developing Jiangnan New Town". Mudanjiang real estate company took advantage of the policy dividend to resume the construction of Deyuan Tianchen phase I in March this year and realize the early commencement of Deyuan Tianchen phase II in may. It opened in April and July respectively to seize the market opportunity, seize the pulse of the market and lay the foundation for the hot sale of the project in 2017.

The appeal of the brand has become increasingly prominent. At the end of July, the sales volume of Mudanjiang real estate company exceeded 500 million yuan; In the middle of September, the sales exceeded 700 million yuan, and all buildings were sold, reaching a record high... Behind the record, not only the full trust of the local people in the company, but also the accurate grasp of the product positioning of Mudanjiang real estate company. Jiangnan Washington is positioned as a rigid demand product. Deyuan Tianchen project is an improved product and an upgraded version of Jiangnan Washington. Housing is the most important thing for residents in third and fourth tier cities. However, due to the relative lag of economic development, residents with purchasing power in such cities have a high desire for housing with improved demand, and their purchasing power is quite rational. Positioning Mudanjiang's high-quality and high-end image with the exclusive foreign houses of Xuecheng, seizing the middle and high-income groups, constantly expanding the influence of the circle, attracting the attention of more and more middle and high-level groups through word-of-mouth marketing and high-end marketing, so as to achieve a breakthrough in overall sales.

Property management is a major embodiment of the company's provision of high-quality services. Beifang company has introduced its own property management team, Deyuan property, to pay attention to service details and customer feelings. By combining property services with the owner autonomy model, Beifang company has spared no effort to interpret a harmonious home of "technology, safety, humanities, family affection and ecology". The "five good homes" built by the community with "good house, good environment, good service, good neighborhood and good community" embody the real estate brand of the enterprise. In Jiangnan Washington District, fitness facilities such as children's activity area, badminton court and table tennis court are available; Residents of all kinds of books in the bookcase can apply to the property for free borrowing; When the owner gets married, the property will provide him with welcome services of red carpet and inflatable arch from the door of the community to the door of his own building free of charge. For the birthday of the elderly over 70 years old in the community, the property management personnel will come to the door with a cake to celebrate their birthday. The greening coverage of nearly 80 vegetation in the whole community also improves the environment of the community

"Establish a diversified service pattern in which development enterprises, Community streets and owners' self-service blend with each other, ensure the continuous improvement of service quality, and let the owners live a happy life and return to the essence of architecture." Deyuan Property General Manager Zhang Weijie said.

It is worth mentioning that at a time when the overall investment willingness of Mudanjiang city is low and most buildings are ignored, Mudanjiang real estate company has sold out all buildings, leading the trend of local house prices, which is beyond the reach of the majority of local real estate enterprises.

A good chess player seeks potential. What is famous in Mudanjiang is not only the "national craftsmanship quality" of Beijing urban construction north company, which is ahead of the local standards, but also the advanced management concept of the company, which integrates the vision of sustainable development, Beijing standards and local advantages.

"Beijing element" under the integration of development and construction

Northern company seeks to "win with quality". Technological innovation and civilized construction have become the objects of local construction enterprises to catch up with and surpass. Many process construction methods have even been specially filed by Heilongjiang Provincial Construction Commission as the hard standard of the construction industry in Heilongjiang Province. With the help of the "word-of-mouth marketing" strategy, the two real estate projects hope to establish a model of the local construction industry through the fight for design, quality and service, and achieve the first Jianghu position of Mudanjiang real estate enterprises... Northern company is deeply affecting the people of Danjiang. Maybe everyone knows the north of urban construction before they know Beijing urban construction.

Nowadays, the brand of "urban construction north" is endowed with new connotation, which drives the company to embed in Mudanjiang real estate market with an increasingly high-end attitude.

"Now the surrounding buildings are in line with our projects, and some have even caught up with the standards of our projects." Ma chengsuo, the project manager of Deyuan Tianchen project department, told us, "of course, we are also constantly innovating ideas, optimizing management and maintaining the 'first' position."

High standard construction and high-level management are the magic weapon for the project department to "lead" local construction enterprises.

As a large-scale Beijing construction enterprise, the project department really brings the "Beijing standard" to the local.

"In the past two years, muck trucks and commercial concrete trucks ran all over the street with a dusty face. There was a lot of dust. You can find out which construction site came out from along the ruts." Wang Jiaxin, engineering director of the project department, said with a smile. "Any vehicle going out from our site must be washed in the car wash before it can go on the road." Mudanjiang is one of China's excellent tourism cities and the second largest tourism center city in Heilongjiang Province. There is no doubt about the importance of environmental protection.

Many seemingly accustomed standards have not formed a routine in the local area. "Beijing element" has become a "gold lettered signboard" for northern company to take root in Mudanjiang.

At the construction site of Deyuan Tianchen phase II, a car wash yard is set at the gate to ensure that vehicles in and out do not take mud on the road; The exposed ground shall be hardened without dust and ponding; A movable model area is set on site, and the standards of multiple processes such as support system, external wall insulation, wall reinforcement and electromechanical installation are clear at a glance, which continues the construction standard of "model guide" of the company. Obvious signboards shall be set in the material stacking area to strictly prohibit the random stacking of materials and always keep the construction site clean and orderly. The application of facilities such as turnover and setting safety passage, turnover and setting mixer shed, cement warehouse and turnover and setting reinforcement processing shed has made materials "live" and inherited the concept of "green environmental protection" while saving costs.

"From Jiangnan Washington to Deyuan Tianchen, we haven't had a casualty accident in so many years.". Cui Bo, safety director of the project department, said proudly. The project department closely adheres to the "top ten" of the urban construction group and relevant regulations of the company, pays close attention to safety production from the aspects of safety system operation, establishment and improvement of the system, education and training of migrant workers, and comprehensively carries out safety education activities in combination with the actual construction of the project department. Through centralized teaching, on-site drill, daily mobilization and other forms, the safety knowledge training of migrant workers was organized respectively to ensure the full coverage and no dead corner of safety education and training. At the same time, special personnel are assigned to take charge of the highly professional and dangerous projects such as special equipment, large machinery, construction power, high-altitude operation and scaffold, and ensure the implementation of safety management through regular inspection.

In order to ensure the construction quality of Deyuan Tianchen project, Deyuan Tianchen project department strictly controls the product quality and construction process management in strict accordance with the national specifications and the requirements of relevant process methods of urban construction group and the company. After mobilization of on-site reinforcement, formwork, concrete and other materials, on-site sampling shall be carried out under the witness of the supervising engineer to ensure that all indicators meet the requirements. During the construction process, the quality inspector shall conduct real-time inspection for each process, complete one qualified one, and do not do useless work or rework. The masonry mortar shall be mixed according to the mix proportion to achieve "one vehicle one weighing and one vehicle one measurement". The rebar planting glue is injected by injection. The hole is cleaned first, then the glue is injected, and finally the rebar is inserted to maintain the quality of rebar planting. All windowsills are provided with full-length plate strips to avoid cracks caused by stress concentration at the lower opening of the window

"In fact, these practices are very common in Beijing, but the development of the construction industry in this third and fourth tier city is not so perfect. We just bring the 'Beijing standard' into the local area, form our advantages and lead the management norms and standards of the local construction industry." Wang Yanbo, chief engineer of the project department, said.

From the completion of the construction and paperwork of the sales office in 45 days, to the fact that Mudanjiang government departments have organized observation groups to study on site for many times, and now it has become almost the only construction site inspection point for external reception in Mudanjiang city. All these achievements have completely changed the people's understanding of "builders" in Mudanjiang.

Simple work is not easy. All personnel of the project department know the truth.

Deyuan Tianchen is not a case. Many projects at home and abroad, such as the reconstruction of shantytowns in Hebei town, the Xixili project in Haikou, the longyuexi City Project in Chengdu, the Dacheng project in Jinyu, Chongqing, and the elite Babylon project in Malaysia, have become a platform for the company to "show itself". The "urban construction northerners" will copy, cultivate and upgrade the strict Beijing standards in other places, and become a "new force" for the company to explore the market, It has opened up the development channel of "doing a good project in hand is the best marketing", and attracted the sincere cooperation of many real estate tycoons such as Vanke, Longhu, shoukai, Jinghan, Tsinghua enlightenment, Huaxia happiness, Phoenix real estate and urban construction real estate, which has become the best footnote to the attraction of "Beijing element" of northern company.

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