Hebei town shed reconstruction resettlement house project of Beijing urban construction north company: making the building a painting in the scenic spot

In Hebei town, Fangshan District, there are many scenic spots with pleasant scenery, such as Shihua Cave, jiangjuntuo scenic spot, Wanfo hall kongshui cave, Shuangyu scenic spot... All the major scenic spots are distributed with countless beautiful scenery.

Along the winding mountain road, we walked all the way to the depths of the scenic spot. From a distance, the plaque of "Beijing urban construction north company" is bright and eye-catching. Integrated office area, foldable living quarters for migrant workers, corporate culture wall and movable flower pool are full of vitality and youthful vitality. Colorful Satin corporate flags, patches of urban construction green, red urban construction helmets and yellow excavators... All these are like a colorful picture scroll, depicting the blueprint for the happy life of local people and becoming a beautiful scenery in this green water and green mountains.

Birds sing and flowers smell, machines roar; Ancient buildings in the distance are tall and straight, and tower cranes stand nearby. The harmonious coexistence between man and nature and the integration of modernity and tradition have become the main melody of the shanty town reconstruction project of Hebei town, Fangshan District, North company. The composer of this labor hymn is this group of young management teams with an average age of just over 30. This young team of "wise and resourceful, dare to think, dare to break through and dare to be the first in the world" is becoming the "new force" of building a harmonious project with its own practical actions.

The project of replacing shed with resettlement house in Hebei town, Fangshan District is located on the highland of the former No. 1 cement plant of Shuangshan cement group in Banbidian village, Hebei town, Fangshan District, covering an area of about 100 mu, with a total construction area of about 198000 square meters. It is divided into two bid sections. The first bid section consists of 12 single buildings such as 1#-7# residential buildings and 26# underground garages, with a construction area of about 93000 square meters; Bid section II consists of 17 single buildings, including 8#-16# residential buildings and 27# underground garages, with a construction area of about 105000 square meters.

The project is jointly constructed by Fangshan District government and Beijing Qidi Maohua Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. and undertaken by North company. It is the first shantytown reconstruction project in Beijing to adopt PPP mode. As one of the key projects of shantytowns reconstruction in Beijing, the Beijing municipal government focuses on projects and livelihood projects. The first shantytowns reconstruction project operated in PPP mode in Beijing is of great significance. It is not only a new attempt for the joint operation of the government and private capital, but also the No. 1 shantytowns reconstruction project of Fangshan District government, which has attracted the attention of the local government.

Never give up in the face of difficulties

At the beginning of construction, the company transferred management personnel from several project departments to form an elite management team led by project manager Yu Jianhui and executive manager Liang Fei. They came to talk and laugh about the beautiful project. After arriving at the site, the natural environment and construction conditions in the mountainous area were unexpected to these young people. They are faced with such problems as tight construction period, heavy tasks and high risks, which need to be solved urgently.

The construction site is narrow, but it can't bind the hands and feet of this group of young people. Since the commencement date, the project department has held special seminars for many times to discuss the optimal construction scheme and formulate scientific and reasonable site layout to ensure that all work is in order. In order to prevent accidents in the cross operation of tower cranes and other large machinery at night, they even installed LED light strips on the boom of tower cranes, so that every night, not only the tower crane driver can see clearly, but also make the scene "tall", "come back at night, we are also a small city!" Jackie Chan said. In the face of natural disasters such as landslide and debris flow, the project department has established and improved various emergency plans, implemented the on-site inspection system of safety officers, arranged special personnel to pay attention to the forecast of the Meteorological Bureau, and reinforced the key parts of the mountain to ensure that there is no mistake on the site.

"The most worry of the project department is the construction period", said Liang Fei, the project executive manager. It is reported that the site can only be constructed after the mountain is broken, and the mechanical breaking cost is high and the efficiency is low, resulting in a full lag of three and a half months for the earthwork construction originally scheduled to be completed and delivered to the project department on May 15. The customer requires that all houses must be delivered for use by the end of next year, and 90% of the project must be capped by the end of this year, so the construction period is very tight.

Innovative management according to local conditions

"You see, on the left are Yinhu cave and Shihua Cave, and on the right are Fangshan District National Geopark. Although it is difficult to carry out safe and civilized construction in the middle of the mountain, we have to rush forward no matter how difficult it is to keep the green water and green mountains." Liang Fei seems to know more about environmental protection than "land public".

The spacious and bright integrated office area has the same purchase cost as the traditional container, but it is beautiful, strong, durable and cost-effective; The clean and simple folding living area integrated house can be disassembled and disassembled in ten minutes, which is safe and stable, and can be disassembled and transported flexibly. Eight boxes can be transported at one time during allocation. The cost of a single box is not high, and the transportation cost is even lower; The movable flower pool can replace potted flowers at any time, which is pleasing to the eye; Solar street lamp, high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. Various recyclable materials and various pollution prevention and control measures not only make the site look clean and green, but also respond to the green development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" put forward by the party and the government. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, they have made due contributions to the battle of environmental governance.

In terms of on-site management, the project department innovated management ideas and improved the management system. It not only established and improved various rules and regulations suitable for the actual situation of the project, but also strengthened the project monitoring through the vigorous application of BIM Technology, reduced the construction cost, and effectively improved the project quality and construction progress.

The project department creatively produced the project information business card. On the front is the company name and project name, and on the back is the two-dimensional code. Through scanning and identification, you can not only see the company profile, project profile, team construction, civilized construction and other contents, but also the leader's care, image progress, leader's visit and other news are updated in real time, and the safe and civilized construction, quality and progress are updated every week. The content is illustrated and rich. With only one card, you can know all the developments of the project without going to the site in person. "Our construction site is the focus of attention. We check it at least two or three times a week. This card not only publicizes the company, but also allows superior leaders and company leaders to know the project situation at any time". Han Jinquan introduced us.

"Ding Dong", just as he was saying, Liang Fei's mobile phone gave a prompt sound, "the project department sent a new notice" Liang Fei took out his mobile phone. "This is our own office platform, called pocket assistant." It is reported that the project department has adopted a third-party free app to improve communication and work efficiency. On this app, the project department has realized various functions such as attendance, approval, notification and communication. More importantly, through the software, it has realized a clear division of labor of various work, the responsible person, auxiliary person and completion time are clear at a glance, and can be discussed in real time.

Work at ease and live a happy life

From the cultural wall at the scene, we saw smiling faces of project managers.

They can work and live happily here.

In the running in stage at the initial stage of team formation, because we are not familiar with each other, the project department has enhanced mutual understanding through activities, regular meetings and other means. Within half a month, we have added a lot of tacit understanding in our work.

In order to build a learning team, Liang Fei, the executive manager, has a department by department communication and heart to heart talk. He hopes that everyone can break the inherent thinking, break the professional boundaries, keep up with the pace of the times, improve themselves through learning, and create a compound talent with "one specialty and many abilities".

The construction site is remote, and the nearest supermarket is a small shop in the village three kilometers away. Therefore, logistics support has become the top priority of the administrative work of the project department.

"We have a dormitory for four people, and the project department has uniformly distributed bedding and equipped with cold and warm air conditioning." Ning Xuechen, a new employee this year, told reporters that WiFi in office and living areas is fully covered, and life is very convenient.

"The food is very good. We have our own chef, star chef of Michelin restaurant!" He Lianbing, the production manager of the project department, told us while having lunch. In order to ensure that employees "eat well", the project department specially hired professional chefs to serve three dishes and one soup every day to ensure that the dishes are not repeated for at least one week. In the activity room, there are all kinds of sports bicycles, fitness equipment, table tennis, badminton, chess and card room, reading room and Party member activity room, and the basketball court in the living area is the favorite of boys. In order to care for female employees, the project department also specially prepared yoga mats, fitness balls, shuttlecocks, etc., so that female employees can also stretch their body and mind through exercise after work, which has become an innovative practice of humanistic care of the project department.

"We still have 'happy Friday'!" Zhang Yue, the operation manager of the project department and Secretary of the Party branch, told us excitedly. The project department spontaneously organized the activity of "happy Friday". The activity is jointly led by the party, work group and Youth League, organized by the rotation of young employees in various departments, and the on duty department formulates an activity theme with the participation of all personnel of the project. Every Friday afternoon, everyone takes part to relax the tension of the week, and laughter reverberates in every corner.

"We should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members!" Branch construction is also a highlight of the project. In the Party member activity room, the propaganda board made of two studies and one is bright and eye-catching. The learning world designed by Zhang Yue, Secretary of the Party branch, has all the party and government disciplines on the wall, making every Party member aware of his burden.

Although the scenery of Hebei town is charming and different, the employees of the shed resettlement housing project department are in a hurry and have no time to take care of it, because they are racing against time with their young strength and speed. Facing the pressure of tight construction period and heavy tasks, this enterprising and innovative young team will create a magical "northern speed" and make the building a painting in the scenic spot!

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